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RFP for City of Eloy Transit Feasibility Study

The Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) invites qualified firms or individuals to submit proposals to provide consulting services for preparation of the Eloy Transit Feasibility Study (Transit Study) to the designated managing agency, the Sun Corridor MPO.

Proposals will be received until 2:00 PM on Thursday, September 14, 2017, at the offices of the Sun Corridor MPO located at 211 North Florence Street, Suite 103, Casa Grande, AZ 85122.

Any proposal received after 2:00 PM on the above date will be returned unopened.  Submittals must conform to the prepared Request for Proposals – Scope of Work available at the Sun Corridor MPO offices or by clicking the link below.

The Sun Corridor MPO reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and assumes no liability for the cost of preparing a response to this request.  Please note on the outside of the envelope “Proposal for Eloy Transit Feasibility Study.

Eloy Transit Feasibility Study Request for Proposals

Eloy Transit Feasibility Study Q & A

Q: The RFP states “Projected population at build-out for the City is 639,000.” Is the build-out figure correct or should it be 63,900? (08/30/2017)

A: The number in the RFP is accurate. The planning boundaries for the city of Eloy encompass 435 square miles.

Q: Since this is a continuation of a previous study, could you please provide a copy of the earlier plan so we can build off the work previously done? (08/30/2017)

A: Heck yeah!

Eloy SATS Final Report




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Anyone needing accommodations for the Sun Corridor MPO Meetings, please contact Irene Higgs at 520-705-5143 for assistance, within 48 hours of the scheduled meeting.

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The Sun Corridor MPO provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals and values diversity at all levels of its workforce.

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