2015 Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Minutes

Date Possible Subjects to be Discussed or Action Agenda Minutes
February 26  Review & approve Title VI & PPP Updates, & 2016 TIP for 45 day public comment; SCMPO Work Program; Approval of HSIP applications; SCMPO Federal Aid Funding determination (Due 3/31)  February 26 Agenda link  Minutes
April 23 Approval of the SCMPO Work Program;  April 23 Agenda  Minutes
June 25 Approval of final Title VI, PPP & 2016 TIP (due by Aug 1);  June 25 Agenda  Minutes
August 27 Call for new Air Quality regionally significant projects.  August 27 Agenda Minutes
October 22 Election of new officers.  October 22 Agenda  Minutes
November 09 TIP Amendment; RTP/TIP approval for Public Meetings; Approval of Traffic Count RFP; Loans  Cancel
December 17 Possible Functional Classification Training  December 17 Agenda  Minutes