CAG & SCMPO Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan

Federal Transit Law requires that projects selected for funding under the Elderly Individuals and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310) programs be derived from a locally developed coordinated public transit human services transportation plan. The purpose of this type of plan is to identify the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities, older adults and people with low incomes, provide strategies for meeting these needs and prioritize transportation services for funding and implementation.

The Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in conjunction with Central Arizona Governments (CAG) recognize that the transit environment is dynamic and dependent on stakeholder involvement. As a result,  the Sun Corridor MPO and CAG overhauls the CAG and Sun Corridor MPO Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan (the Plan) every three years and completes annual adjustments  in order to capture smaller changes. This Plan update is of the three-year variety and is for the State Fiscal Years 2017 thru 2019. It  includes updated regional demographic information as well as the status of new and existing transportation providers serving the transportation dependent and disadvantaged populations in the region.

Sun Corridor MPO and CAG utilize a process that includes representatives of public, private and nonprofit transportation as well as human service providers, elected officials and public participation to identify transit needs/service gaps and to establish priorities in order to make informed funding decisions for specialized transportation serv

DRAFT CAG / SCMPO 2020 Human Service Transportation Coordination Plan – Pending Approval SCMPO Executive Board Approval March 10, 2020/CAG Regional Council March 04, 2020

CAG / SCMPO 2019 Human Service Transportation Coordination PlanApproved SCMPO Executive Board Approval May 14, 2019/CAG Regional Council March 27, 2019

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