Regional Transportation Plan 2040 Update

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) 2040 Update

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are required to prepare Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs). RTPs are developed in cooperation with FHWA, FTA, ADOT, project stakeholders, and the traveling public. The RTP describes how federal funding for transportation improvements will be invested in the region over the next 20 years (2020-2040).

The Sun Corridor MPO Regional Transportation Plan 2040 Update, was adopted by the Executive Board in March, 2020. The Sun Corridor MPO is located in the Pinal County nonattainment area for PM-10 and PM-2.5 and therefore an RTP must be completed every four years. This update to the RTP was completed in conjunction with the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG)/Sun Corridor MPO Spring 2020 Air Quality Conformity Update.  The update was broken into two essential components:

  1. Update the Existing Regional Transportation Plan – A lot can change in a region over a 4- year span, and the Sun Corridor region is no different. The RTP Update proposes new regional goals and targets for areas such as mobility, safety, and infrastructure condition. Traffic volume, performance, and roadway functional classification information has been made current, among other document modernizations.
  2. Add New Information to Regional Transportation Plan – The updated RTP is consistent with State and Federal requirements, including Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), the funding and authorization bill that governs the United States federal surface transportation spending.


The Regional Transportation Plan 2040  Update, 2020-2029 Transportation Improvement Plan, and 2020 Conformity Analysis have been completed and were adopted by the Executive Board in March, 2020.

Regional Transportation Plan 2040 Update

Regional Transportation Plan 2040 Executive Summary

2020-2029 Transportation Improvement Plan

Air Quality Conformity Analysis

Additional Details

For additional details, refer to the Project Management Plan, as prepared for Kimley Horn, for the Sun Corridor MPO as well as informative presentations that were given to the Sun Corridor Executive Board; the City Councils of Casa Grande, Coolidge, and Eloy; and the Pinal County Board of Supervisors.

RTP Project Management Plan

Sun Corridor MPO Executive Board  (May 14, 2019) Sun Corridor MPO Regional Transportation Plan Presentation

Presentation to City Councils and Board of Supervisors (August 14 – October 28) Sun Corridor Transportation Plan Presentation

Open House Boards (01/14/2020)

Regional Transportation Plan – Adopted March 15, 2016

The Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) 2040, Creating Connectivity, is a blueprint to guide the mulitmodal goals for the next 25 years in the Sun Corridor MPO Region.   The Sun Corridor MPO RTP defines the region’s strategy for creating a regional transportation system that accommodates the current mobility needs of residents, while also looking to the future. The RTP describes how federal transportation funds, provided to the Sun Corridor MPO, will be expended over the next 25 years, from now until 2040, within the Sun Corridor MPO planning area. The RTP is a financially constrained plan, meaning that projected expenditures are programmed consistent with anticipated revenue. The RTP addresses all modes of transportation, including automobile, bicycle, pedestrian, transit, air, and rail movements. The RTP is updated once every four years, enabling the plan to evolve as the region continues to grow and develop.

Regional Transportation Plan 2040, Creating Connectivity

Regional Transportation Plan 2040, Creating Connectivity Executive Summary

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